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7 reasons why to hire a personal trainer




You are probably reading this page

because you have a specific fitness goal in mind geared towards feeling and looking better or simply to excel at a specific sport discipline. Combining nutritional advice with sport-specific coaching and functional training I can help you reach your fitness goal safely and efficiently.


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  • 1. Expertise


    Cardio or weights?


    I can guide you through this process and introduce you to the equipment taking into account your fitness level and your goals, then design a programme to help you achieve your goal.


  • 2. Safety


    Don't get hurt!


    I can assist by designing the proper workout programme for your age and ability, whilst providing constructive feed-back on your strengths and weaknesses so you don't inadvertently injure yourself.

  • 3. Weight-loss


    Does dieting alone work?


    Exercise can help put your metabolism into high gear. Whether your diet needs a complete overhaul or you just need a few minor tweaks,I can design a custom programme that consists of cardio, strength training, flexibility and nutrition.

  • 4. Sport-specific reasons


    Athlete or weekend warrior?


    I can help you to build specific muscles and prevent injury and to take you in your chosen sport discipline up to the next level.

  • 5. motivation


    Need motivation?


    I motivate you even on those bad days when you'd rather be somewhere else. By encouraging you and providing positive feedback  you'll stay motivated and will keep going.

  • 6. Rehabilitation


    are you convalescing?


    A previous surgery, injury or accident can cause muscle loss, joint stiffness or general weakness and imbalance in your body.

    I design a programme to help you recover and regain your strength whilst paying specific attention to your mobility.

  • 7. location


    What is convenient for you?


    If the idea of working out in a gym horrifies you and you are more comfortable in our own home, I'll design a programme  and provide the fitness gear that will work in your living room or back yard with or without expensive equipment.

    I  offer individual and group training, at different in- and outdoor locations in and around Amsterdam.

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